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The campfire is crackling. You have just taken a few tapas from the long table, unseen, just to taste of course. The neighbours are coming, with a bottle of rosé. Let's find those marshmallows. The kids will love them, and they'll be famished after their Circus training!

The oldest campsite in The Netherlands has moved with the times. On camping Bakkum you can experience the adventure of camping, but not without all modern facilities. Especially when you rent a Beach Cabin, Dune Lodge or Tent House.


A real treat for children

For children camping at Bakkum is a real treat. Certain areas are equipped with special play equipment, and there are many organized activities, ranging from football tournaments to Circus Week, beach volleyball and crafts. Or how about baking rolls by the campfire, or acting in a theatre?

But there is plenty for creative adults too. Interesting workshops and courses, such as shell necklaces and painting. And by merely walking around the campsite you will be inspired by what you see!

Camping Bakkum is located in the North Holland Dune Reserve. A short 1500 metre walk or bike ride separates you from the beach. The shops and kiosks at the shopping square will solve all problems if you return to the campsite without wanting to cook. But you could always eat on the beach too. Or in Alkmaar, Haarlem or Amsterdam, for they are much nearer than you think!

Ground plan and tariff

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